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About Dr. Zeina

"If you fear Maths, I can help you love it" Hello, I am Lebanese Canadian and have taught Mathematics for over 25 years in many places in the world, as in Alaska-United States, Montreal-Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Lebanon. I love teaching & tutoring and I always create a healthy, fun, and enjoyable learning environment with my students to promote great learning. My Education Doctor of Education - Saint Louis University (USA) Master's degree in Mathematics - University of New Mexico (USA) Bachelor of Science in Mathematics - American University of Beirut (Lebanon) My Specialties - I can assist you in any Mathematics course (Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, etc.) - I can teach you French and Arabic languages. - I can also help you with your resume and interview skills since I am a Career development Facilitator (CDF) - I am good with technology and have taught online in North America. Certified Online Instructor (COI) I am a certified online Instructor from the United States.


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